An end-run around rescheduling psilocybin

Given the ever-increasing interest in psilocybin, I’m not especially surprised that there is a move to reduce criminal penalties in California by a voter initiative even though I wasn’t expecting it so soon. There have been two categories of news coverage which I have been recording on the Psychedelic Law Facebook, primarily news stories about arrests for… Read More An end-run around rescheduling psilocybin

Psychedelic cross-over

This story about the recent academic paper from Germany identifying enzymes that create psilocybin ran in the Smithsonian. It follows this story from Newsweek. Name recognition-level awareness of psilocybin is taking place in the mainstream newsmedia to an unprecedented degree. The Smithsonian and Newsweek articles are a counterweight to the steady stream of shrooms-and-crime stories… Read More Psychedelic cross-over