How legal use of psilocybin works under Canadian federal law

In this episode of The New Amsterdam Psychedelic Law Show (an experimental title I may use for these video blogposts going forward), Calgary-based attorney David Wood discusses the legal structure under which individuals currently possess and use psilocybin without criminal penalties in Canada.

The basic mechanism is an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that the federal health ministry can issue in its discretion. (My followup question, which I didn’t think to ask, is whether consent is also required from the federal police.)

David also discusses his proposed regulations that would (a) move psilocybin from the “restricted” category to the “controlled” category under the CDSA and (b) enable a “licensed dealer” (a license category that already exists under federal law) to manufacture or cultivate “psilocybin products” and sell them to patients.

I kept this one to a half hour in order to encourage you all to watch it, so please do.
(David, I’m sorry that I don’t know yet how to control what still image from the video appears.)

David Wood and Noah Potter discussing use of psilocybin under current Canadian federal law

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