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My name is Noah Potter. I’m psychedelic policy consultant.

In May 1993 I joined the psychedelic legalization movement when I learned about ibogaine.

In October 2000 I started practicing law (but I’m not giving legal advice on this site).

In April 2008 I organized and presented the first public discussion of the New York City Police Department’s practice of arresting multiple thousands of young men of color for possession of cannabis in amounts that have been decriminalized since the 1970s at a rate disproportionate to arrests in the white population.

In May 2010 I coined the term “psychedelic law” when I created this blog.

In October 2012 I explained the DEA’s legal theory for keeping cannabis in Schedule I forever. (It applies to all psychedelic substances.)

From May to September 2018 I helped guide the Decriminalize Denver campaign in the process of drafting the initiative text.

In July 2020, I co-founded New Yorkers for Mental Health Alternatives, an advocacy group dedicated to psychedelic law reform in New York.

I live in Brooklyn and follow New York City politics.

My priority is immediate safe and equitable (affordable, culturally-relevant, and non-exploitative) access to a psychedelic experience for anyone anywhere who could benefit from it.

One thought on “About me

  1. Hi, Noah. We connected on LinkedIn, sometime last year, when I became aware of you and asked for the connection (to recall myself to you, I’m long-time friends with Rick Doblin, but, my interest is only in the spiritual use of psychedelics, and, more narrowly, as a conservative (though mainstream) Protestant Christian (Presbyterian Church in The United States of America – denomination’s official name), towards elevating the central role of the divinity of Jesus Christ in the lives of congregants).

    I write because, in case you’re unaware of one Evan Parke, who, on LinkedIn, refers to himself as one of the top psychedelic lawyers, you may want to connect with him, if you haven’t, and read a post of his, on LinkedIn, of today.

    I think that the two of you might have a lot in common and something to talk about, if not now, then, down the road.

    I commend the connection and his post of today to you, Sir.


    Hank Foley


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