Litigation coming in NJ over Governor’s intention to delay?

Here is a statement from the press conference by the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey indicating that New Jersey medical marijuana advocates will be going to court to force the governor to move forward in implementing the medical marijuana law. The specific issue at hand, apparently, is the State’s refusal to allow patients to cultivate their own cannabis during the lag time until the State promulgates regulations governing the dispensaries. Since New York’s statute follows New Jersey’s in omitting any provision for patient cultivation, this situation looks highly significant in the event that the NY bill passes and is signed into law.

CMMNJ’s main page shows the text of the following email from the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services:


At this time, the Department is not reviewing proposals or receiving documents, nor is the Department meeting with potential vendors, advocacy groups, lobbyists or other interested parties to present business plans, strategies or offers of assistance. Given the large numbers and diverse recommendations, we believe this is the best way to assure an objective, science based strategy.

As you are aware, medical marijuana is not available in the state of New Jersey. The Department must first establish a process to register qualified patients, caregivers and alternate treatment centers. This includes the continuation of coordinated implementation strategies amongst all state agencies to ensure all issues are addressed adequately. Full implementation of the New Jersey Compassionate Use of Marijuana Act awaits completion of this mandated process, which will assure the intent of the Act is accessible to those patients with designated medical conditions, while ensuring that it is implemented in a safe and effective manner.

For additional information regarding this topic, please visit our website at for the most current information about the implementation of the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act, including frequently asked questions.

(I haven’t actually found it at the State’s website but then I didn’t search too hard.)

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