Attorney Courtney Barnes on the status of the Oakland Community Healing Initiative and the effort to enact reform legislation in California in 2021

On December 17 attorney Courtney Barnes of Barnes Caplan LLC joined me to discuss psychedelic law reform efforts taking place in Oakland in 2020 with an eye on state-level reform in 2021.

We began by discussing the status of the Oakland Community Healing Initiative (OCHI), which would build on the decriminalization resolution passed in June 2019 by creating legal protections for persons engaged in Entheogenic Plant Practices (covering a range of actions, from cultivation of a naturally-occurring psychedelic substance to administration to ingestion of the substance). We also discussed the resolution passed last week by the Oakland City Council calling upon the state of California to pass legislation that will expressly accommodate local level programs of the sort contemplated by the OCHI, and the relationship between general drug decriminalization and incremental reform focused exclusively on decriminalizing entheogens/psychedelics.

The video is less than half an hour long so you have no excuse not to watch it!

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